Welcome to all visitors, old and new!

TxT has finally returned after several years in a comatose state. I have revived the site as it used to

be... as much as I can!

If I'm not online, email me at jon_95@hotmail.co.uk, or leave a message at xat.com/txtthefriendlyclan

Last updated - 6th June 2017

RULES FOR CHAT - there are only a few rules !

1 ~ No picking on any other members. Make them feel welcome at all times. 

2 ~ No spamming, or repeating the same message constantly

3 ~ Definitely no advertising! Just enjoy TxT, go on other sites if you wish but don't advertise them on

our great site!

4 ~ No asking for Xats in PC or Main!

5 ~ No asking the staff to make you mod or owner, please!

This site is friendly, welcoming and easily the best PR2 clan for enjoyment

and community.

Just talk to us and you will enjoy PR2, the best internet game going.

JonNgog, Site Admin