In October 2010, JonNgog became bored with the lack of life in the

community on Kongregate. This is where JonNgog and most of his friends

chose to play Platform Racing 2, but most of them decided they needed a


JonNgog and his companion Liion, decided to try out a Yolasite, a type of

website which had become very popular . However, he wanted it to be a

friendly, happy team that welcomed anyone who wants to play this and

other games with friendly and similar people.

And so, Team TxT was formed.

JonNgog, set up the site, and searched high and low for a chat room for the

site. He found one, and chatted with Liion for a few days, but he knew more

people were needed. His friends were invited to join the site, but this saw

only 3 or 4 people online at most.

Geek_Guy was unknown to JonNgog when he was invited to join the site, but

he straight away saw what was wrong with the site - it didn't have a Xat

chat. JonNgog took this advice and added a Xat chat room.

As the team headed deep into November, it finally took off. The arrival of

Devious Gambler brought a host of new faces to the site and it hit high


The highest point of TxT's popularity was around Christmas time, w

hen the site saw over 20 people online at times, with everyone thrilled by

the lively and charming community.

Nowadays TxT lives on as a community that plays various contests and

games whilst just discussing life and the world. Come in and talk to us!